About adToken

Tasked with constructing the first decentralized and virtuous white list of reputable publisher domains, adToken holders will pave the way for a new industry standard in digital advertising.

The adToken Team

Ken Brook


Kristen Hester


Miguel Mota


Edwin Cheung


Jon Roethke

Business Development

Hunter Gebron

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Eduardo Muñoz

Project Management

Keanu Newman

Data Analytics

Zayi Reyes


The adToken Advisors

James Young

Previously: CTO at VidRoll, Zynga

Raleigh Harbour

Previously: COO of Adap.tv

Toby Gabriner

President of AdRoll

Mike Goldin

Engineering at ConsenSys

Ameen Soleimani

Engineering at ConsenSys

Mark D’Agostino

Enterprise at ConsenSys

Shailin Dhar

Ad Tech Consultant